for doing nothing

every fan’s relationship with their bias

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Yes Jimin, your love is showing, u///u.

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the power of Jimin’s homemade sandwiches. trans

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they used every little chance to touch [

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passive aggressive couple Yoonmin

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Yoongi's endless glances forever staring at his Jiminie  

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RapMon actually secretly ships YoonMin.

  • Suga : *draws ideal type*
  • Rap Monster : Jimin!
  • Jimin : Why is that Jimin, hyung?
  • Rap Monster : I think it's Jimin.
  • Me : I see what you did there, Rap Monster xDD
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jimin wanting to see yoongi’s aegyo (+ member’s reactions)

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Yoonmin being subtle in Rookie King EP 5 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Mark’s Dad Sees EVERYTHING!!!


No one enjoys watching Jackson more than Got6

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Jackson sang R.Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly for his JYP audition

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Jackson: I’m wild & sexy

me: /swoons


Jackson: I’m wild & sexy

me: Shut up, you’re a potato

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